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Full-Service Manicure and Pedicure Provider

About Us

You’re Beautiful Nail Spa started in May 2018, providing clients in Columbus, Ohio with quality nail care services. We offer manicure and pedicure, as well as enhancements and nail art services. Contact us to learn more.


About the Owner 

Growing up, Latecia Mason suffered from low self-esteem. As children, we are impressionable, so we believe what we are told. Latecia was told a lot of negative things about herself and her looks and even received backhanded compliments. If she was complimented on anything, it was her hair. “You have pretty hair for a dark person”.

Holding on to that little piece of a compliment, she tried hairstyles that will make her pretty and kept her nails polished so they wouldn’t look dirty. This was the foundation of her fascination with the beauty industry.

Latecia grew up with big dreams of becoming a hair stylist. Before she had the opportunity to attend cosmetology school, she became interested in nail care and the process of creating nails on people by getting her nails done. She decided to go to a cosmetology school and took a short course. Today, Latecia has more than 20 years of nail care experience under her belt.

It was only in her mid to late 20s that Latecia started to see the beauty in her (inside and out) that others were telling her she had. She knows that she is not the only one who has suffered from bullying. That is why she is very passionate about making women feel and understand that they are beautiful.

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